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Personal interests

Other than acting I enjoy watching the Patriots in the NFL, going to the gym regularly, spending time with my family, I love traveling abroad, seeing new things, meeting new people & experiencing new places (Yosemite National Park is definitely top 3 on the list), dinner dates, long car journeys listening to music or a podcast, watching movies and I'm learning Spanish which is a nice new challenge.

Snorkelling & seeing a black tip reef shark & turtles were ticked off my bucket list in Fujairah

I choked (like properly choked) on a Malteser one time so they aren't allowed in the house anymore

I share the same birthday as my mumzy

I have a fully qualified 'first aid' certificate and I'm also qualified to use an 'AED'

Seeing three Bears in Yosemite, CA was a life time goal ticked off

My favourite mode of transport has to be on a jet ski

I love traveling & experiencing new places; one of my favourite holidays has to either be Vancouver, Canada or Dubai

I love driving, I look really after my car and Mai-Tai is for sure the best car fragrance

A got bit by a snake when I was 14 (it was my pet but it sounds cooler if I don't include that part!)


I have always had a very close relationship to both my parents and as my younger sister is getting older we are really enjoying each others company, always messing around and making each other laugh!

As well as being my best friend and role model my dad Tim is my
biggest critic but also enthusiast and supports me in everything I do.



I'm very grateful to have such a strong support system around me, who do everything from motivating me to giving me their brutally honest opinion on my work. They give me the best opportunity to succeed.


My girlfriend Athina and friends have said they would describe me as: very positive, pretty funny, passionate & motivated, adventurous, kind-hearted and generous.


I've always been very sporty and will give anyone a good run for their money but maybe not when it comes to water polo! I played football since forever ago and have joined cricket, basketball, table tennis, karate and Muay Thai clubs.


I really enjoy snowboarding and jet skiing although I don't do these regularly seeing as I live miles away from any mountain or a warm ocean.

I took up badminton at the start of 2019 and played in week in week out for two years with my dad. It is such a great sport although having to get your racket restrung almost every month when it breaks isn't fun!


I love the gym, not only for the physical health benefits, but for all the others too. As I said before, I'd take a dumbbell over a racket any day of the week. Shoulders & Bis has to be my favourite day.

I really love movies and it would be impossible for me to name every great one i've seen. So here are some examples of my favorites and performances that have really inspired me and are truly world class:

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