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Here are my showreels, monologues and video footage of some of the roles I have played from 2007 to now.

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Danny Monologue - 2023
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Whiplash Monologue - 2021
Before Sunrise Monologue - 2021
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Tayler Marshall - Monologue Showreel

This is Tayler Marshall's Monologue Showreel. A combination of five uncut monologues, edited into one.

Uncut Monologue - Nil by Mouth, Ray Winstone 2024

This is an uncut monologue by Tayler Marshall as 'Ray' (Ray Winstone), In Gary Oldman's BAFTA Winning Screenplay (directed by Gary Oldman), 'Nil by Mouth'.

In this scene of the movie, Ray is telling his mate a little story about his late Dad. Which causes truths to come up about Ray's affectionless childhood.

I film all my monologues without cuts, in one continuous take, to show my talent and emotional acting skills. As doing it in one take is far more powerful and raw.

Uncut Monologue - Danny 2023 

This is an uncut monologue as 'Danny'. D is a sarcastic, intelligent but unhinged sociopath. A very unpredictable, dangerous man. Who won't stop until he gets what he wants. 

In this intense scene 'Danny' has one of his enemies backed up against a wall and is teasing and scaring the life out of him, but with his main aim to retrieve the information he needs... and for that, he needs to keep him alive.

Uncut Monologue - Call Me by Your Name, Michael Stuhlbarg 2023 

This is an uncut monologue as 'Mr. Perlman' (Michael Stuhlbarg), In the Oscar winner screenplay (directed by Luca Guadagnino), 'Call Me by Your Name'. 

I have adapted 'Mr. Perlman's' relationship to Elio to his 'older brother'. To closer fit my age as an actor. In this sensitive scene 'Mr. Perlman' is telling Elio that he accepts him unconditionally, no matter what his sexual orientation may be.

Uncut Monologue - We Own This City, Jon Bernthal 2022

This is an uncut monologue as 'Sgt. Wayne Jenkins (Jon Bernthal), In the limited HBO series (directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green), 'We Own This City'.

In this opening scene of the series, Wayne is giving a speech to his fellow police officers about the dos and don'ts in Baltimore city's corrupt streets as a plain clothes police officer.

Uncut Monologue - Don't Look Up, Leonardo DiCaprio 2022

This is an uncut monologue as 'Dr. Randall Mindy' (Leonardo DiCaprio), In the award-winning Netflix movie (directed by Adam McKay), 'Don't Look Up'.

In this scene, Randall is desperately trying to tell the American citizens watching 'The Daily RIP' news channel that a huge, life destroying comet is heading straight for planet earth. All whilst trying to be a professional scientist...

Uncut Monologue - Manchester By the Sea, Casey Affleck 2021

This is an uncut monologue as 'Lee Chandler' (Casey Affleck), In the two time Oscar winning movie (directed by Kenneth Lonergan), 'Manchester By the Sea'.

In this scene, 'Lee' is in a police station being interview about the traumatic events that occurred a matter of hours earlier, the death of his two young daughters in a house fire accidentally caused by himself.

Uncut Monologue - Whiplash, Miles Teller 2021

This is an uncut monologue as 'Andrew' (Miles Teller), In the three time Oscar winning movie (directed by Damien Chazelle), 'Whiplash'.

In this scene 'Andrew' is explaining to his girlfriend 'Nicole' why they should break up. As his passionate obsession for drumming continues to take over more of his life.

Uncut Monologue - Before Sunrise, Ethan Hawke 2021

This is an uncut monologue as 'Jesse Wallace' (Ethan Hawke), In Before Sunrise, directed by (Richard Linklater).

In this scene 'Jesse' meets a French girl called Celine on the train and does his best to try and convince her to get off at Vienna with him rather than carrying on to Paris. So he can spend his remaining hours with, before flying home.

Uncut Monologue - The Town, Ben Affleck 2021

This is an uncut monologue as 'Doug MacRay' (Ben Affleck), In the Oscar nominated movie (directed by Ben Affleck himself), 'The Town'.

In this scene 'Doug' is opening up about his uneasy childhood to his date 'Claire'. He reflects back to his six-year-old self, a pivotal time in his life which he is now at peace with. Although the pain still simmers under the surface.

'Fred Gatlin' BBC Casualty - Showreel 2019

This is me as 'Fred Gatlin' in BBC's Casualty. Series 34: Episode 4, 7th September 2019.

Uncut Monologue - Good Will Hunting, Matt Damon 2020

This is an uncut  monologue, as american 'Will Hunting' (Matt Damon), In the Oscar winning movie (directed by Gus Van Sant in 1997), 'Good Will Hunting'.

In this scene 'Will' turns the tables on a condescending, flash Harvard student who tries to make a fool out of his best friend. Little did he know 'Will' is more intelligent then he first thought.

Uncut Monologue - Black Mirror, Daniel Kaluuya 2019

This is an uncut monologue as 'Bing Madsen' (Daniel Kaluuya), In Black Mirror episode 'Fifteen Million Merits', (season 1, episode 2). This is a really emotional and passionate speech where the agitated character truly means every word he says. 'Bing' delivers it in anger and distress to the panel of talent show judges that are watching on.

Uncut Monologue - Flight, Denzel Washington 2019

This is an uncut monologue as 'Whip Whitaker' (Denzel Washington), In Flight. The Oscar nominated movie about 'Whip', an alcoholic and drug addicted pilot. After he pulls off a miraculous crash-landing due to a plane malfunction, that resulted in the loss of six lives. He vows to get sober. Although when crash investigation exposes his addiction, he finds himself in an even worse situation, in prison.

Uncut American Accent Monologue - Beautiful Boy, Timothée Chalamet 2019

This is an uncut monologue as american 'Nicolas Sheff' (Timothée Chalamet), In Beautiful Boy. A movie (directed by Felix Van Groeningen) about teenager Nic's addiction to methamphetamine, which threatens to destroy him and his family.

Uncut Monologue - Hamp 2019

This is about Private Hamp, a mentally disturbed WW1 soldier, leaving his post during battle and having to explain to his Lieutenant his reasoning behind this. A John Wilson book.

This is my improvised 'YouTube Vlog self tape' for a London based feature film called 'Sweet Sue', which is a realistic drama about the relationship between Anthony, who is openly gay, and his single Mum - 2018.

This is my self tape for a South London based feature film called 'Silent Night'. I am portraying the character of 'Ted', who has the character description of - 'Skinny but dangerous looking. He’s the villain of the piece, handy with a knife and affects a rude boy attitude and voice.' - 2018.

Hamp - Short Film 2018

This monologue is about Private Hamp, a mentally disturbed WW1 soldier, leaving his post during battle and having to explain to his Lieutenant his reasoning behind this. A John Wilson book.

This film was edited by my friend Yilmaz Ustunkaya, who is great on Final Cut Pro!

Showreel 1: Young Tony in Hollyoaks October 2013

Showreel 3: My Family 2011

Advert 2: Bosch Fridge Advert 2007

Showreel 2: Casualty, Young Doctors Notebook and Doctors 2013

Advert 1: Red Nose Day Advert 2015

Video 6: Cherub Book Series Publicity Stunt 2014

Video 7: Cherub Book Series Publicity Stunt Two 2014

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